Brandt Redd

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Brandt Redd is an expert in the application of Information Technology to support learning, discovery, and research. In the education field he seeks to apply principles of personalized learning to improve achievement for all students.

As Education Technology Strategist associated with, Brandt helps clients develop and refine their technology strategies, provides industry insights, informs application of technology standards, and supports invention of new EdTech offerings.

Current Efforts

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Professional Specialties

  • Education Technology Strategy
  • Assessment Technology
  • Metadata and Data Modeling
  • Educational Data Formats and Protocols
  • Information Technology and Software Engineering
  • Data Security and Cryptography
  • Information Search and Retrieval
  • Business Process Automation


  • BS, Computer Science, Brigham Young University, 1990
  • MBA, Emphasis: Organizational Communication, Brigham Young University, 1994

Key Roles


  • US 20040059864 Systems and Methods for Storing and Retrieving data in a web server environment
  • US 20040059757 Systems and Methods for Partitioning Data on Multiple Servers
  • US 8019719 Systems and Methods for Partitioning Data on Multiple Servers

Favorite Things

Family, Learning, Mountains, Skiing, Programming, Photography, Hiking, Engineering, Disney, Beaches, Chocolate, Lakes, Reading, Cycling, Church, Snow, Travel, Electronics, Legos, Dogs, Games, Trees, Aircraft, Dance, Bollards, Trust.